Hello People of New Earth

I’m here to speak to you guys about why the world is so fucked up. Is that ok for you? Good, because you will need all the help you can get while I tackle this topic like it’s my mums anus. Alrighty let’s get started then shall we?

When you’re born or given birth into this world, life’s shit I mean it’s immediately shit the moment you step into it, I mean think about it, how many times do you have to take a shit, eat your food, take a shit so many times until you want to cry and in which you do and you annoy the hell out of everyone else around you.

Do you know why you should listen to me? Because I’ve been through all that shit goddamit and it sucks like hell, but fuck it. I’m sorry if I don’t sound punctual or literate with my words because this is how I express or choose to express myself, like an outcast, like someone who’s seen too much and just wants to let loose. I know beyond any shadow of a doubt that I will be famous, why? Because I’m authentic, I don’t lie, I’m REAL bitches, got me? This is my second attempt of attaining stardom, but I don’t know if I’ll make it. Why? Because I want to doubt myself just a little bit so that others could benefit. I’m planning to put into play about at least 1 post a day. I will crank out as many posts as I can, because it’s not about how many people view my website, it’s how many people get IMPACT with what I say and I know how to IMPACT people. How? By doing this! By reaching out slowly but surely people will connect with me. People love one thing in life and one thing only, love. And I will provide this to the world free of charge by giving it out in these posts non stop. I WILL deliver as much VALUE as I can to all you guys out there that need it. I LOVE you all SO SO much, but I think this has to end today’s blog post. I think it’s because I enjoy it so much and the timing has never been so right.

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